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Financial institutions, neo banks, and digital payment platforms are quickly learning that Swif's frictionless, intuitive, and data-driven platform is key to staying top-of-wallet in a competitive environment.
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Make your banking app a destination. likeLike Like   Bali but for  banking apps.

Make your banking

app a destination. Like

Bali but for banking apps.

A banking app people smile when opening, imagine that.
The future of most businesses is driven by smartphones, more specifically mobile applications. The challenge these businesses face is competing for attention with everything else on a mobile device. To this point, banks must transform their digital presence into hyper-personalized engaging experiences that are extensions of a customer's lifestyle in order to maximize revenue.

Customer engagement

is less than 2% on most

banking apps

Customer engagement is less than 2% on most banking apps

The bar for improvement is low, but we'll soar above it.
Deepen banking loyalty and maximize revenue with experiences that keep customers coming for more. Previous one-size-fits-all digital banking experiences exclude a large swath of customers - hyper-personalization is the answer. By delivering highly targeted experiences, providers stand to benefit from higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and spend.

Supercharge your bank

with a modular

platform and the power

of AI and ML

Supercharge your bankbank  with a modular platform and the power of AI and ML

Behavior and transaction data
With the power of AI, along with rich behavioral data and spend history intelligence, experiences can become hyper-personalized and unique to all users. Stay one step ahead of your competitors and maximize untapped revenue, with hyper-personalization and reactive incentives from fully customized promotions, offers, and features.
completely modular and intuitive interface
Create a best-in-class loyalty experience with your existing branding to deliver the most robust set of merchant offers to your users. Custom fonts, colors and modular layout gives you control of your user experience. Swif's front-end SDK is continually being advanced and refined to drive engagement and optimization for your rewards program.

Reward your customers
in any currency 

Whether you want your rewards program to yield points, cash back or even crypto, anything is possible.

 Get uin just a few weeks

 Get uget up and running in just a few weeks

 Get up and running in just a few weeks

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