the smartest 

engagement Platform Out There

engagement Platform

Out There

Powering both financial services and merchants with smarter data, allows for efficient engagement, which in return leads to better results for you and less annoyance for your customer.
Swif is designed to enable effectiveeffective and  personalized and personalized customer engagement, more accurately, and at-scale, while also maximizing untapped revenue.

leverage the power of ai  and ml mlmachine  learning 

Leverage the power

of AI and Ml 

With the Swif Al and Machine Learning Engine, experiences are tailored to users based on their personal banking, card transactions, unique customer information, and much more. You'll be amazed at the power of suggesting the right offers, at the right time, to the right customers.
Acquire new customers
increase basket size
drive more traffic
(online or offline)
steal market share
reward your most loyal customers
reward your most loyal

Use banking intelligence to understand where, when, and how people buy

Use banking intelligence to

understand where, when, and

how people buy

Brands and merchants are able to reach millions of reach millions of bank customers bank customers in order to drive incremental sales, bring in new customers, increase basket size, and more.
First-party transaction data is the best kind of data. Through pivotal partnerships with top banks, we have a complete view of  consumer spend   a complete view of consumer spend- including purchases they make with competitors.

target customers right in

their banking app

target customers right in their banking app

There’s a trust that comes with in-app ad placement, an implication that your ad has been vetted and approved. Unlike ads on random websites where exaggerations and shoddy products run rampant, banking apps are exceptionally high value placement for your brand.
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