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the customer loop.

With smarter data, comes more effective engagement, which in return leads to better results. Swif is designed to enable effective and personalized customer engagement, more accurately and at-scale.

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Designed to help brands work quickly, accurately and at-scale. Deliver highly customized, targeted campaigns in a matter of minutes to better engage with customers in more personalized ways.

-  Customized loyalty campaigns.​

-  AI-Powered insights using machine-learning and real-time data.

-  Personalized data and insights on trends, customer lifetime value, customer lifecycle and more.

Surveys and questionnaires.

The tech platform that brings in new customers, increases basket size, and drives in more traffic.

New shoppers

Engage and acquire shoppers with the use of AI and ML technologies. 

Increase order value

Increase the average order value by encouraging consumers to spend more on each visit.

Increase visits

Increase online or in-store visits, reduce unprofitable spend, grow market share, and drive more traffic.

Targeted marketing

Target consumers with relevant offers that lead to better purchase conversions, and customer loyalty.

Advertising is evolving at warp speed.

Traditional streams of advertising such as radio, television, and print are long gone and replaced by digital media. However, it hasn't been all uphill from there, as 75% of marketers still question their ability to reach consumers. Digital advertising isn't easy, it's introduced a host of complexities, such as ad-fraud, technical challenges, and most importantly, the fact that consumers still make their purchases in-store. We live in a digital era, but to everyone's surprise 85% of purchases still occur offline, in-stores.


Swif is perfectly set to incentivize shoppers to keep coming back to shop in-stores more often. Offering a frictionless and rewarding shopping experience that mobilizes the in-store point of sale.

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Reach new customers and incrementally drive up your annual GMV with Swif

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